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Benny Zac
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We used the Texas RV guys to sell our class A motor home. Jeremy took care of everything for us, which we greatly appreciate. He found a buyer, handled the paperwork, pay off of the lien. Great service and would recommend these guys to anyone who needs work performed on an RV or an RV sold. Thank you guys!!!
Excellent Workmanship
Darrell Cowles
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They replaced the roof on my Rockwood Wind Jammer and it looks better than new. Excellent workmanship, very friendly staff, good prices, and the work was done on time. If you need RV repairs, go see Joshua Baker at Texas RV Guys. I recommend them highly and will use them again should the need arise.
Incredible Service
Brandon Baker
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This place is definitely the best place to go to in the DFW area. I needed to get my trailer worked on and appraised and the level of customer service they have is incredible. Also not once did anybody there try pushing me to trade in or buy anything. I don’t ever leave reviews but I am extremely impressed with this company.

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Founded on trust, integrity, and respect

Get Your RV Consignment With Texas RV Guys In North Richland Hills, TX!

Do you understand how RV consignment works? It’s a popular method of consignment RV sales, but navigating the process may be difficult. No level of expertise can match the expertise of the team at Texas RV Guys. Owning an RV can be a lot of work in Tarrant County.

As a result, you may decide that you no longer want to own an RV. You should instead sell your RV on consignment and recoup some of your investment. When it comes to consignment RV sales, you might be unsure of how to proceed.

You don’t need to worry! You probably aren’t a salesperson. As a result, if you lack the ability to earn as much money as possible. For this reason, you might turn to RV consignment sellers to get the best price for your RV coach in North Richland Hills, TX.

Consignments are used by many RV owners, regardless of their level of expertise. Earning as much money as possible is a great way to make money. As a result, you won’t have to spend as much time trying to close the deal. The cumbersome tasks will be handled by someone else. Thus, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and earn some money.

There’s no doubt you’ve had this RV for years, so selling it won’t be easy. You should proceed without hesitation, however, if you feel that’s the right option. There might be many reasons for you to sell your RV.

We recognize that RV consignment sales in North Richland Hills, TX, may sometimes be difficult and time-consuming. With Texas RV Guys assisting you with RV consignment, you can be assured that all efforts will be made to sell the RV in Tarrant County.

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What Is The Process Of Our RV Consignment Sales?

RV consignments, motorhome repair, and camper consignments function similarly to hiring a real estate agent. The RV is sold by hiring a qualified expert, such as Texas RV Guys in North Richland Hills, TX, instead of trying to do it yourself.

In exchange for a commission, you sign a consignment agreement with an RV dealership (agent) to promote and sell your RV (home).

RV consignment dealers, like real estate agents, are highly trained and driven professionals that can sell your RV for the most handsome amount in the shortest time. Effective motorhome repair is a process, regardless of the product being offered.

RV consignment offers you the benefit of getting the same exposure and treatment as every other RV in the dealership’s inventory and going through the same sales process as every other RV.

Consider yourself a solitary private seller aiming to compete for consumers against the dealer by replicating their established procedures and resources in Tarrant County. Here are the processes we go through while selling high-priced items like an RV:

1) Preparing Your RV For Sale

The most crucial stage in selling high-priced items such as mansions and RVs for retail value is preparing them for sale. Dealers like Texas RV Guys have the resources (people, tools, expertise, time, facilities, supplies) to examine, appraise, clean, recondition, and conduct necessary maintenance on your RV consignment in North Richland Hills, TX. 

These features will distinguish your RV from trade-in vs private sale prices and serve as a “jump-ball” factor to help you sell it faster.

2) Identifying A Buyer

RV dealerships are well-versed in the local market. They have developed long-term client connections that drive buyer traffic via repeat purchases and recommendations.

Thanks to internet listing sites, social media, video, and advertising, they also have a much larger market reach than you do as a private seller.

Hiring a competent consignment dealer at Texas RV Guys can give your RV a lot of exposure and lead to many interested buyers arranging a tour and test drive in Tarrant County.

3) Provide Choices To Buyers

Consider the time you bought your RV. Like many other prospective purchasers, you presumably sought reputable vendors who provided convenient services to make your large purchase simpler.

RV dealerships provide a wide range of services, including financing, warranties, mechanical RV repairs, and trade-ins. By making these choices, you can sell your RV faster and for more money than you could as a For Sale By Owner.

4) Sale Completion

Consignment RV sales, finding a buyer, and finalizing the purchase are the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of selling an RV. The dealer is a specialist when it comes to completing sale documentation, collecting taxes, and ensuring ownership is legally transferred.

The sale of your consignment item is often followed by quick financing from the consignment store. Upon receiving your sales money, the title is transferred. In order to ensure everything is done correctly within the specified timeframe, the dealer is fully responsible to state authorities.

Call Texas RV Guys Today To Get Top-Dollars For Your RV Consignments!

You’ve got a lot of mileage out of your current RV, by traveling across the nation and seeing sights from your comfort. However, it is time to move on to something that better meets your requirements.

Contact Texas RV Guys if you want to sell your RV but don’t know where to start. Texas RV Guys provides RV consignment sales stress-free for late model RVs in North Richland Hills, TX.

Make the most of your old RVs by upgrading to something larger and better. To earn more money from your RV consignments, call Texas RV Guys on 833-200-4380.


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You should always follow the manufacturer's guidelines, but as a general rule, fluid levels should be
checked every 3,000 miles, and large components (like brakes and bearings) should be replaced every
10,000 miles.

Make sure that you do not exceed 500 miles a day on the road. It would be unsafe for you to exceed 500
miles and could cause serious damages to your RV.

These procedures can easily be accomplished at home if you possess the right tools and have the right
knowledge. You can, however, hire a shop to perform the annual service on six house or chassis
batteries for around $150 – $300 if you prefer.

Generally, RVs last 20 years or 200,000 miles, whichever comes first. The answer isn't quite as
straightforward as that. A few factors can affect that number, such as the class of your motorhome and
how well you maintain it.


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