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Benny Zac
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We used the Texas RV guys to sell our class A motor home. Jeremy took care of everything for us, which we greatly appreciate. He found a buyer, handled the paperwork, pay off of the lien. Great service and would recommend these guys to anyone who needs work performed on an RV or an RV sold. Thank you guys!!!
Excellent Workmanship
Darrell Cowles
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They replaced the roof on my Rockwood Wind Jammer and it looks better than new. Excellent workmanship, very friendly staff, good prices, and the work was done on time. If you need RV repairs, go see Joshua Baker at Texas RV Guys. I recommend them highly and will use them again should the need arise.
Incredible Service
Brandon Baker
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This place is definitely the best place to go to in the DFW area. I needed to get my trailer worked on and appraised and the level of customer service they have is incredible. Also not once did anybody there try pushing me to trade in or buy anything. I don’t ever leave reviews but I am extremely impressed with this company.

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Benefits Of Regular RV Service You Must Know In Saginaw, TX!

There’s this big misconception among Recreational Vehicle owners that they don’t need to service their RVs like other automobiles. Most of them believe RV service is a mere waste of their hard-earned money.

Furthermore, this belief often lands them into big problems like permanent motorhome damage. Thus, to fix this (motorhome repair), they hire RV repair professionals, but by this time, it’s already too late to get desired motorhome repair results.

Owing Recreational Vehicles seems like a cakewalk, but regular maintenance & servicing requires access to a nearby RV body shop.

In Tarrant County, most people aren’t aware of the benefits of RV service. Due to this, they ignore hiring RV repair & service companies. This article highlights the long-term benefits of regular RV service from a skillfu4l RV body shop.

Before we get into the details of the benefits of regular RV service, it’s advised to assign the work of RV repair only to a registered & certified RV repair company.

You should outsource RV repair service to a certified RV repair company to help get lasting servicing results. One can get the information & review about the company offering RV repair Saginaw, TX by Google search.

Now, let’s understand how giving your RVs a touch of regular RV service can result in monetarily profitable benefits.

1) Regular Services Prevents RVs From Major Repair Costs!

The only way to minimize the RV repair cost is to get regular RV service & time-to-time inspection from a skilled RV service company.

Regular servicing of RVs helps detect major problems like motorhome engine damage, overheating & improper lubrication in its initial stage.

The problems discovered earlier can be fixed with less capital investment. Not just from the monetary point of view, RV service also reduces the chances of misfortune events like RV collision due to sudden permanent engine failure.

2) Regular RV Servicing Enhances & Increases Vehicle’s Life!

Regular RV service not just keeps the RV parts well-functioning but also boosts the vehicle’s performance. The lifespan of RVs mainly depends on their type and the care they receive. Regular servicing can enhance the life of the RVs by up to 30% (The average lifespan of RVs is 20 Years).

At Texas RV Guys, we thoroughly evaluate the condition of RVs and then accordingly opts most suitable servicing procedure. At the RV body shop, we conduct the RV servicing & regular checkups that involve: oil changes, mold removal from the cabinet, engine cleaning, fluid replacement, motorhome repair (a,b,c), and brake pad check.

3) Regular RV Service Ensures You & Your Family Safety!

In the United States, especially in Tarrant County, road accidents are one of the most common reasons people lose their and their loved ones’ lives.

RV service, which involves motorhome repair, reduces the chances of RV collision due to mechanical problems. Getting regular RV service from a skilled RV repair company can significantly reduce the number of RV road accidents.

You can contact the RV body shop team at Texas RV Guys to ensure the safety of your RVs by doing necessary RV repair, interior painting, cabinet repair, and much more to eliminate all the safety concerns like RV collision.

4) Regular Service Increases The Resale Value Of Used RVs!

The resale value of the vehicle solely depends on its at-present condition. The better the state of the RV, the more chances for a good return. To get good resale value for a used RV, always keep your RV in top-class condition. Regular servicing keeps the vehicle in top-notch condition and results in good resale value.

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There is nothing worse than being stranded for an extended period of time because of a RV issue. Leaky roofs, electrical issues, and slide out problems are some of the most common RV problems.

These RV maintenance tips will help you extend the life of your travel trailer. Ensure that the seams and roof seals are maintained regularly, make sure tire lug nuts are tight, keep the battery charged, clean your travel trailer’s slide outs and apply lubricant to them.

Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific make and model, but as a general rule, fluid levels should be checked every 3,000 miles, and larger components (like brakes and bearings) should be checked and replaced every 10,000 miles if necessary.

The cost of RV maintenance depends on the amount of wear and tear your RV sustains. RV owners reported spending between $500 and $1,000 a year on maintenance costs, according to Mobile Homes Parts Store. The average RVer spends several thousand dollars per year.


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